Be the Spark that Ignites the Flame

More than ever before in our history — as a community, a civilisation, indeed as a species — we need you to be the very best teachers the best educators you can be. (No pressure)

The need for great teachers has never been more evident — nor more urgent — at any time in history. Teachers who celebrate learning, effort and process. Teachers who instil resilience, tenacity and grit. Teachers who navigate students through the world of knowledge and opportunities with the virtues of good character and solid values. Teachers who inspire diverse students on their learning journey. Those who unlock the potential of dreams. Teachers who allow students to imagine the impossible and keep at bay the naysayers. Teachers who have evolved from the industrial era of education and embraced the age of information. We need you to engage the pirate in you, the rebel in you, and boldly inspire as you never have before.

The innocent future that looks up into your eyes in your class today may hold the spark that ignites: a thought. A simple thought that changes a notion, an idea that changes an action, an action that changes a day, an action, that changes a law, that changes a life. An experience that changes the world. You are needed to be the best teacher you can be to help this generation find the solutions to this world, its climates, its resources, its peoples. The relationship you build with your student will define their emotional, physical and spiritual path. The supportive, informed environment you create will embed in those open eyes the persistence, determination and self-belief required to overcome the challenges ahead.

Now we finally know how humans learn, how we adopt new information. We now know how teachers can teach effectively to students diverse in talent, skills and neurology. We have learned how to provide the sustenance for growth in all areas of human development. We now have the entirety of the world’s knowledge at our fingertips, and its accessibility improves every moment.

We have the will, we have the potential, we know what needs to be done. This is the most exciting time to be involved in education as we question our future direction as a community, as humans and the role we will play in this universe.

Educators are creating the future of our world, and every effort should be made to support them in every way so they can nurture the sparks of hopeful dreams, waiting to ignite the solutions to their future. Your students deserve you to be the best you can be. So look after you: emotionally, spiritually and physically. Collaborate and care for colleagues and continue to learn to refine your craft and know that you are valued and needed.

When those optimistic eyes look up to you today in class, know that you will never ever see the extent of your impact.